January, 2019

Meniscal Transplant Surgery - Sakra World Hospital

Understanding Meniscal Transplant Surgery

What is Meniscal transplant surgery?

Replacing the missing or damaged meniscus with a meniscus from a ...

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November, 2018

Aortic Valve Replacement surgery - Sakra World Hospital

Aortic valve Surgery: Types of Repair and Reconstruction

Aortic valve surgery is one of the commonly performed procedures in cardiac surgery across the ...

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November, 2018

 Is Anesthesia Safe for Your Child? - Sakra World Hospital

Your Child And Anaesthesia: What You Need To Know

It’s every parent’s nightmare: your child needs surgery. It can be heartbreaking to watch your ...

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October, 2018

How to care for your baby's gums and emerging teeth | Sakra World Hospital

How to care for your baby's gums and emerging teeth

There’s nothing more heartwarming than a baby’s toothless grin. Except maybe the smile of a ...

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October, 2018

World Spine Day 2018 | spinal cord injury treatment | World Spine Day 2018  - Sakra World Hospital

A Journey Of Strength: Stand Tall This World Spine Day

What if you had a spine deformity so severe that you couldn’t walk? Does it ...

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