January, 2015

Least Invasive Cardiac Surgery | Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery | Best Cardiac Surgery Hospital in Bangalore - Sakra World Hospital

Life Changing Cardiac LIS

Gone are the days when a dreaded heart operation entailed cracking open your ...

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January, 2015

Blog on Water and Food Borne Diseases |  Symptoms of Liver Diseases

Water and Foodborne Diseases during Festivals

During festivals, it is a common trend to enjoy street food. One can ...

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January, 2015

Pituitary Adenoma: Causes, Signs & Symptoms & Treatments in India | Best Neurosurgeons in India | Endocrinologist | Neurologists - Sakra World Hospital

Pituitary Adenoma

A pituitary adenoma is a slow growing and typically benign tumor arising from ...

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November, 2014

Craniosynostosis: Symptoms, Types & Treatments | Best Neurosurgeons in India | Plastic Surgeons - Sakra World Hospital


Craniosynostosis is derived from the terms cranio, syn and ostosis that relates to ...

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September, 2014

Blog on ENT - Image Based Case Study for Air Gun Injury

ENT- Image Based Case Study for Air Gun Injury

A 34 year old Bangalore patient, Mr X had an accidental air gun ...

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