September, 2015

Prevention of Heart Disease & Strokes |  Dr. Sreekanth B. Shetty | Interventional Cardiologist at Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore

Preventing heart disease and strokes never too early

Protecting your heart as you age depends on making healthy choices when you ...

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February, 2015

Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) Angioplasty | Heart Block Treatment in India | Interventional Cardiologists in Bangalore - Sakra World Hospital

Chronic Total Occlusion Angioplasty

Are you suffering from complex heart blockage?

Is ...

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February, 2015

Blog on shoulder pain problems | Joint replacement surgery in Bangalore

A sore shoulder can be serious

Shoulder joint complex is a combination of several joints that combine with tendons ...

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January, 2015

Least Invasive Cardiac Surgery | Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery | Best Cardiac Surgery Hospital in Bangalore - Sakra World Hospital

Life Changing Cardiac LIS

Gone are the days when a dreaded heart operation entailed cracking open your ...

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January, 2015

Blog on Water and Food Borne Diseases |  Symptoms of Liver Diseases

Water and Foodborne Diseases during Festivals

During festivals, it is a common trend to enjoy street food. One can ...

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