Celebrating the Joy of life

Sakra Birth & Blossom is your safe haven for the most precious phase of your life. All our endeavors at Sakra Birth & Blossom are focused towards delivering a safe and memorable pregnancy for you. Being a multi-specialty hospital, we ensure comprehensive healthcare services through all our super specialties supporting the Sakra Institute of Woman and Child Health.

Belly-To-Baby Timeline

  • We take care of your regular appointments with the gynecologist

  • We make sure that your body is in perfect health

  • We make sure that you and your baby eat healthy

  • We make sure you have a safe delivery

  • We wish you a Healthy and Happy Parenting

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Sakra - Birth & Blossom Advantages

Sakra World Hospital being a multi-specialty hospital has a highly qualified and experienced team of specialists from all departments. Our high risk obstetrics team offers a well-coordinated comprehensive care for the management of complicated pregnancies. Our patients are assisted at every step of the pregnancy, child birth, and beyond to protect both the mother and the baby.

Being a tertiary care hospital, we follow a multi-disciplinary team approach to give with achieve the best outcomes. Experts in neonatology, critical care, endocrinology, rheumatology, cardiology, neurology, nephrology, gastroenterology, urology, interventional radiology, transfusion medicine, laboratory medicine are all available round the clock.

Advanced Facilities

  • Exclusive labor and delivery rooms designed to create a comfortable and safe setting for childbirth.
  • Options for painless labor using analgesic and breathing techniques
  • Ultra-modern operation theatres dedicated to obstetrics
  • Day assessment unit
  • Early pregnancy assessment
  • High dependency unit
  • Intensive care unit
  • Neonatal ICU
  • Round the clock blood bank services
  • Laboratory medicine
  • Interventional radiology

The Obstetrics and Gynecology division of the Sakra Institute of Woman and Child Health is a comprehensive care unit that offers a complete range of services for the reproductive and gynecological needs of women in a comfortable and compassionate environment. The department is dedicated to deliver care to women at all stages of life including pregnancy and post menopause with state of the art technology and finest medical and surgical expertise available.

The Department of Fetal medicine intends to provide a holistic approach towards fetal care and works in sync with the OBG division to ensure a safe and healthy delivery. We conduct all kinds of specialized diagnostic and fetal screening tests necessary for monitoring the developing fetus. We offer a range of services including fetal scans and procedures, genetic services, gynecological scans and procedures.

With the help of these facilities we ensure efficient prenatal diagnosis and thus improved prognosis before and after birth.

Department operates as a speciality unit under the umbrella of Sakra Insititue of Woman and Child Health. The department provides a full range of medical and surgical services and has a special emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention programs for children and adolescents. The department interiors are baby friendly and the staff and doctors are determined to make every hospital visit as comfortable as possible for every pediatric patient and eliminate the fear associated with doctors. The department is equipped to handle all types of pediatric medical and surgical emergencies including respiratory failure, infectious diseases, injuries, trauma, poisonings, seizures, asthma, foreign body aspiration, acute abdomen and newborn surgical problems.

The Department of Pediatric Surgery is committed to delivering excellence in pediatric surgery. Our team of qualified pediatric surgeons holds a vast experience in treating newborns, infants, toddlers, children and young adults. They perform a wide range of surgical procedures, including minor outpatient procedures.