About Sakra

The SAKRA World Hospital is committed to advanced medical care through innovative and efficient services, creating an environment of continued quality improvement and expertise of the best physicians. We utilise the most recent medical technologies, advanced clinical methods and develop protocols to improve our outcomes ensuring the good health of the community around us.

Sakra World Hospital (A unit of Takshasila Hospitals Operating Private Limited) it is India�s first MNC hospital committed to the advanced medical care that enhances the value of human life.

Sakra combines synergies of these large entities to provide the cutting-edge medical technologies and herald a change in the current healthcare systems and processes. Sakra is dedicated to ensuring good health of the community. This flagship 350-bedded multi-super specialty hospital situated in Bangalore was launched in February, 2014.


Our key focus is the patients� wellbeing. Our Hospital has all the facilities that a patient requires during their stay. High end ICUs are supported by devoted nurses for each bed. They ensure focused, intense & personalized care.


The administrative structure and the allocation of resources are designed in such a way that it is completely patient centric. Conforming to the very best medical practises around the world and at the same time making sure innovative methods are employed wherever necessary and applicable.

Best of India & Japan

System & processes

Hospital Supportive services include efficient systems, a systematic process driven approach, advanced technology, advanced rehabilitative services and after care. These are key concepts we acquired from our Japanese affiliations are combined with a blend of highly skilled Indian Doctors, Nurses and technicians from every corner of the country. Our infrastructure design is compliant with NABH and JCI. A team of Indian & Japanese experts maintain patient safety and infection control.


Quality at Sakra covers various aspects of patient care, patient safety, care coordination and patient engagement. Standardised protocols and practices have been set for infection control, emergency services and critical care. Our quality aspiration is to have zero errors. These process and care pathways help in faster patient recovery and reduction in hospital stay.


Our nursing protocols are defined by blending the most ethical and advanced of Indian & Japanese nursing practices. Special practical oriented training modules are prepared in coordination with the Japanese nursing team. Infection control, medication management & patient safety are the most important components for our nursing care.

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