Pediatrics and Neonatology Procedure

  1. Neonatal jaundice
  2. Infant respiratory distress syndrome
  3. Neonatal lupus erythematosus
  4. Neonatal conjunctivitis
  5. Neonatal tetanus
  6. Vertically transmitted diseases
  7. Neonatal sepsis
  8. Neonatal bowel obstruction
  9. Benign neonatal seizures
  10. Neonatal acne
  11. Neonatal stroke
  12. Neonatal diabetes mellitus
  13. Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
  14. Neonatal herpes simplex
  15. Neonatal hemochromatosis
  16. Neonatal meningitis
  17. Neonatal hepatitis
  18. Neonatal hypoglycemia
  19. Neonatal adrenoleukodystrophy
  20. Neonatal isoerythrolysis
  21. Diffuse neonatal hemangiomatosis
  22. Benign neonatal hemangiomatosis
  23. Neonatal cholestasis
  24. Transient neonatal pustular melanosis
  25. Perinatal asphyxia
  26. Neonatal ichthyosis–sclerosing cholangitis syndrome
  27. Neonatal toxic shock-like exanthematous disease

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