ENT and Head Neck Surgery Procedure

Videostroboscopy :

The department has India’s first state of the art Olympus Video-stroboscope. This equipment helps us study the free edge of the vocal cord and identify subtle vocal cord lesions responsible for voice problems.

Coblator Technology

Our ArthroCare ENT Coblator® II Surgery System is a plasma device which works at much lower temperatures to dissolve and/or shrink tissue without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. This helps us do bloodless adeno-tonsillectomies in children and adults with a shorter, painfree period of recovery. It also helps us to do turbinate reduction for nasal blockage palatal procedures for snoring and sleep apnea.

Computer Navigation Assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Our Medtronic computer navigation system is a cutting-edge medical technology that creates a virtual 3-D model of the patient’s head and sinuses. During surgery the surgeon is able to track the position of instruments in relation to important structures. This enables a precise, safer, more thorough procedure especially for complex cases, revision cases, extensive polyposis and sinusitis, lesions near the skullbase, eye, optic nerve etc.

Narrow Band Imaging (NBI)

The Olympus High Definition Narrow Band Imaging unit is a very recent technology for detecting very early cancers of the mouth, throat, and larynx (some of the most common cancers in India). The optical filters identify blood vessel patterns of early lesions that would be missed by regular white light endoscopy.

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