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February, 2017


Sialoendoscopy –Newer frontiers in minimally invasive ENT treatments

What is sialoendoscopy

New technology aiming to visualize the lumen of the salivary ducts and Treat various inflammatory and obstructive pathologies

How is it done? 

Sialoendoscopy involves the use of miniature endoscopes to enter the small ...

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December, 2016


Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Allergy

What is an Allergy? 

An allergy is the response of the body's immune system to normally harmless substances. Whilst in most people these substances (called “allergens”) pose no problem, in allergic individuals their immune system identifies them as a’ threat’ and ...

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June, 2016


Sinusitis Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment and Recovery

What should know about Sinuses & Sinusitis?

Sinuses are connected system of empty spaces in the facial bones, filled with air. They have different names, depending on their location: ethmoid, frontal, maxillary and sphenoid sinuses. Sinuses have a ...

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